Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Premier ROCKED

26 09 2008




What’s that show? The one with the gorgeous but troubled resident, in that hospital with all the other gorgeous but troubled residents, discussing her love life while performing complex surgeries and obsessing over her relationship with a certain Dr. McDreamy?

Oh yeah, Grey’s Anatomy… 😛

Well, I’ve just finished watching the fifth season premier of  of Grey’s Anatomy. And boy was it good.

It seems to be going back to it’s roots and got more “real”. Like the past four seasons, this seasons premier is dosed with drama. And we all love drama, don’t we? 😛

Can’t wait til the third episode comes out 😉


Watch FRINGE and other shows online

25 09 2008




Hey guys, I’ve stumbled upon a website where you can watch streaming television shows. So if you’re not the type of person who wants to wait for a file to finish downloading, or your internet connection/bandwidth isn’t speedy enough to get an episode in a few minutes/hours, you might be interested in these lings.


Click on the following links to be redirected to the pages.

More TV Shows:

Update: Some of the links, specifically the Lost links, might not work. Most of the videos have either been lost or deleted.

And here are the posters for FRINGE. Very simple, but creative and effective. Makes you wonder. 🙂