The New 911 Carrera Models

29 06 2008
The New 911 Carrera Models

I’m guessing the covered model is either the new Turbo or GT3.

The new 911 Carrera models have been announced and can be viewed on the Porsche website. Porsche did mention that it had a redesign in mind, and that they were working on several features that they had wanted to integrate into the 2004 models but couldn’t due to time conflict or something…

As you can see, the headlights, taillights, front and back bumpers, as well as the front fog lights have been redesigned. Some slightly, but other drastically.

Some of the new features include Roll-over protection, Bluetooth Interface, Voice Control System, Touchscreen, Dynamic Cornering Lights, TV Tuner and the very hot Launch Control. :p
Although it might not seem like much, the interior was redesigned as well. The screen, the buttons on the console , and the gearbox. Another fun little feature is the Universal Audio Interface which allows connectivity with many media devices/ music players. All in all, the redesign seems to have touched on many hot new notes. Although I’m not crazy about the taillights, I do believe that Porsche are on the right track by going for a more classic look, and return to their roots.

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