24 hours… not enough!

20 12 2008

26 hour day

“In every dream home, a heartache.
And Every step I take
takes me further from heaven.
Is there a heaven?
I’d like to think so.” – Bryan Ferry

Ok, I know that I haven’t kept my word, but I truly have been busy. Trying to catch up with school work I didn’t even know I had proved to be quite exhausting! Oh, how I crave melting into a deep and satisfying slumber… but I can’t.

It’s been a hectic week, and I’m still trying to catch up with a couple of projects due at the end of this month. But don’t get me wrong, TV show/movie/application downloads are still going strong :-p~ Although, as some of you have noticed, the internet is really slow today.

It seems that the whole fiasco that happened in February is happening again. A couple of cables are either faulty or have been cut. Peer-2-peer sharing (Torrent downloads and such) are down. Access to most local sites seem to be working properly, but visiting international sites can be a pain. :-/ I had to refresh the “New Post” pages more than once to get it to open up properly.

I really miss all of you guys! I wish I could comment on every single post everyone has posted since September.. I’ll try my best to make up for it.

How has everyone been? What have you guys been doing? I hope you all are having a splendid and relaxing  weekend. Oh, and good luck to all of those who have quizzes, midterms, and papers! 🙂

I really need to catch up on some sleep. I assure you this won’t be my last post. 🙂 I’m planning on posting and commenting everyday from now on. I’ll see you guys.

Take care and stay safe everyone,
The Archer (a.k.a Waz)


Break + Changes Soon

29 09 2008

Hey everyone. I know I haven’t been posting or commenting enthusiastically on anyones blog lately, but I’ve just been sidetracked by a project of mine. I’ll be taking a break from blogging for about a week, and I’ll be back soon inshallah.

Oh, and keep your eyes open for very controversial changes to the tone of some of the new posts on this blog. A friend of mine is going to join Bow N Arrow and enlighten/entertain us with some of his “writings”. Trust me, you wont want to miss this. 😛

One question though… could either of us get in trouble for political/governmental satirical criticism?

He just sent me a quick and “tame” post of his… 😛 I’m going to skin through it and try to censor what I can 😛.. would you guys prefer to read Tipster’s posts in all their glory?

See you soon guys 😉 Take care and stay safe

My reply to an IMDb thread post

24 09 2008

Well, there was this poster whose post really annoyed me, so I felt compelled to reply.

Here’s my sad attempt at a reply. But seariously, some of my points were actually good. Ya7lailee wallah 😛

_______________________________My IMDb reply_______________________________

I very much dislike Christianity and Muslims. All the WARS caused by 2 religions. All the death because of belief. Neither religion helped anybody mentally!!!

Those two religions caused those wars? wow.. okay..
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Black or White?

20 09 2008






As some of you might already know, m old iPhone passed away a few months ago.. God rest its cercuits! And an acquaintance of mine just got a shipment of legally unlocked white iPhone 3G’s. The good thing is, the white one only comes in a 16GB version. The only downside here is that I’ve had my eye on the black one for quite some time.

The one thing I’m worried about is not being able to install the [Installer] application that would allow me to install Arabic fonts and additional supporting applications.

So, should I go ahead and get it? or should I hold out for a black version. Of course, the phone is ridiculously overpriced.. but I’m out of options. Note that only the back of the phone is white.

Smart and News Tabs

11 09 2008


I’ve been working on this new idea for my blog for a few days now. They’re called tabs, and they’d be attached to the beginning of every post to identify the subject matter of its topic. Many blogs already have tabbing systems, and I think it’s a very smart idea. The color scheme was inspired by the new iPod nano color selection. 🙂

There are two different Tabs I had in mind: the first kind are the Smart Tabs, which you’ll find located at the top left corner of every post. They indicate what the main subject of the post is.

And then there are News Tabs, which you’ll find incorporated within the post itself. Its topic isn’t the main one discussed in the post. The message or note would be typed into the gray box.

This is the second design I’ve been working on.
It’s simple and minimalistic. Very clean and easy on the eyes.

The designs are still in their first developmental stages; News Tabs especially. There are too many variations to choose from.

So, what do you guys think? to Tab, or not to Tab?

Bow n Arrow on BuzBerry! *blushes*

9 09 2008

Wow.. It’s an honor to be acknowledged by BuzBerry.com

I was given the ok to start using their Rating scheme. Many thanks to BuzBerry! 🙂

I’ve been an avid reader of theirs for months now, and I have to say it’s one of my favorites. Entertaining, educating, and always fun, BuzBerry is a blog that should definitely be on your blogroll.