Break + Changes Soon

29 09 2008

Hey everyone. I know I haven’t been posting or commenting enthusiastically on anyones blog lately, but I’ve just been sidetracked by a project of mine. I’ll be taking a break from blogging for about a week, and I’ll be back soon inshallah.

Oh, and keep your eyes open for very controversial changes to the tone of some of the new posts on this blog. A friend of mine is going to join Bow N Arrow and enlighten/entertain us with some of his “writings”. Trust me, you wont want to miss this. 😛

One question though… could either of us get in trouble for political/governmental satirical criticism?

He just sent me a quick and “tame” post of his… 😛 I’m going to skin through it and try to censor what I can 😛.. would you guys prefer to read Tipster’s posts in all their glory?

See you soon guys 😉 Take care and stay safe


New number system is functional

19 09 2008





Yup, it’s working. For the next month or so, the new 8-number system will work alongside the old 7-number system to ease the transition. Good call MOC 😉 [no pun intended]

Try calling someone from your contact list by adding the appropriate number at the beginning and their contact name will appear.

So, hurry up and change the information in your contact list. It’s gonna be hell in about a month 😛

  • Number [1] will be added before all commercial 6 digits numbers e.g. 800000, 899999, etc.
  • Number [2] will be added before all land-line numbers
  • Number [6] will be added before all Wataniya numbers
  • Number [5] will be added before all KTC numbers
  • Number [9] will be added before all Zain numbers
  • All the three digit numbers might remain the same without any additional digits e.g. 121, 107, 113, 777, etc. or have the number [1] added at the beginning e.g. 1121, 1107,1113,1777. [Undetermined]

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