“I’ll be back!”

30 11 2008

I’ve been away for far too long!

I’m sorry if I haven’t been commenting on everyone’s blogs. I promise, I’ll be back with full force after Eid inshallah 😉




8 responses

30 11 2008

tawwny ams i opened ur blog checking if it was deleted or anything!

youre being missed =(

30 11 2008

Yalla…we’ve waited this long. After Eid isn’t gonna make much of a difference.

30 11 2008

Bema inik betred ba3d ileid… eidik imbarak moqadaman weld 3ami

30 11 2008

Welcome Back mo8adaman 😀

1 12 2008

then what exactly is this post?? a teaser ?!
miss u

yalla we want a big really good come back post 😉

4 12 2008
Tvo Junkie

Hi Archer,
You have once listed down the tv shows that you are following. I like your choices and we actually follow almost the same shows. Basically, I trust your likes, tv-wise. So can you please share with us the rest of the tv shows you watch? It’d be interesting to check them out too. Have you watched True Blood yet? Do you recommend it? Are you a fan of Seinfeld?

7 12 2008

3eedek embarak

and we’re waiting for your big come back 😀

24 12 2008

welcome back 😉

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