My reply to an IMDb thread post

24 09 2008

Well, there was this poster whose post really annoyed me, so I felt compelled to reply.

Here’s my sad attempt at a reply. But seariously, some of my points were actually good. Ya7lailee wallah 😛

_______________________________My IMDb reply_______________________________

I very much dislike Christianity and Muslims. All the WARS caused by 2 religions. All the death because of belief. Neither religion helped anybody mentally!!!

Those two religions caused those wars? wow.. okay..

What about Judaism? isn’t that a monotheist religion too? aren’t there conflicts between Muslims and Jewish people around the world, as there is conflict between Christians and Jewish people?

If you’re ready to blame all the problems in the world [specifically wars] on religion, ignoring everything these religions stand for and the sanity of mankind, then I’m really sorry. I’m sorry that your mentality has reached this level of degradation.

But seriously.. “Neither religion helped anybody mentally!!!“??

Where did you get that from? I urge you to get a reality check my friend. They’re helping millions, if not billions today mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I can’t speak for all those people, but I can certainly speak for myself and my well-being.

Yes, many people have taken religion into extremes for thousands of years. But you cannot divert blame from people and the choices they make according to their own free will.

I’m a Muslim, and I have nothing against anyone. Not against Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Athiesm, or any other belif system or way of life. Who am I to judge? Everyone is free to believe in what they want to believe, and live they way they want to live.

Now, although I am not a supporter or Zionism, it doesn’t mean I hate Jewish people, or refuse the establishment of a Jewish nation. I just don’t understand the hostility.

Many of my friends are of different religious, social, and racial backgrounds. And no, I do not hate Jewish people. That’s a misconception about Islam and Christianity. People of religion do not tolerate hatred nor they condone it. Yes, there have been conflicts, but they are NOT limited to religion. There are many contributing factors, but religion is used to push people buttons. It would really hit home if a person would pick at other people’s religion. My long post is clearly a reaction to yours. :p

A word of advice, have some respect for others. It’ll really help you in life. 🙂

Take care and stay safe. 🙂




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24 09 2008

6a7 elsanik (:

… And to be honest, it isn’t Religion that is killing our worlds, it’s the ppl stationed high in their governments and are given way too much credit for their worse than ever mentalities… they take the shots and adapt a narrow stream of thought and the masses, dare I say, blindly follows.

24 09 2008


24 09 2008


Well said V!CE! 😉

It’s sad, but true.. :/

25 09 2008

There are many like the person who wrote the article… I really pity them for missing a big part of life. What’s life without some spirituality… any kind of spirituality!

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