Maserati has a Surprise, a Mustang gets an EXTREME makeover

24 09 2008





Story # 1: Maserati’s Surprise?

click this image to be redirected to the Maserati website

So, Maserati has a surprise in store for us. “Something exciting is going to take place on October 2nd”.

What do you guys think it is? Well, you can actually visit the website, and click a guess 😛 Can’t wait. 😉

Story # 2: Ford Mustang -> Aston Martin Vanquish + 007 Upgrades

And on another note.. it turns out that this picture of a Aston Martin Vanquish V12 is actually a previous generation Ford Mustang!

Built by Canada-based Exclusive Motor Cars, the extensive conversion included stretching the wheelbase, widening the track, fitting a custom interior, and adding 34 composite body panels to convert the coupe into one of the most believable replicars we’ve ever seen.

Autoblog had discovered it back in January, but it has since received some upgrades straight out of James Bond’s V12 Vanquish in “Die Another Day”. 😛

Shraykom? 😉

[Source: Autoblog]




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24 09 2008


24 09 2008

LOL!.. yeah they do! 😉 Remind me to tell you the story about the blue 1976 Blue Mustang convertable. You’re gonna laugh, then cry 😛

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