Writers Workshop Task # 2 ;)

21 09 2008








Pick a color and base the main theme of your story around its connotative meaning. I picked the color Scarlet, which would reflect wicked, heinous, or immoral behavior. You’ll get what I’m saying when you read the first chapter 😛 I’ll be sure to post it soon. In the mean time, I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read the prologue of my new story.

Please post your stories in the Writers Workshop Page.

A Scarlet Cloth of a Very Fine Weave

by Waz

Those who love [to see] scandal published broadcast
among the Believers, will have a grievous Penalty in this life
and in the Hereafter: God knows, and ye know not.

-Surah 24 Ayah 19 – Al Nur [The Light]


Even if I had tried to warn them, I knew they would not listen.

If I had tried, they would have felt compelled to send me away; send me to some place.

My life used to be so simple, so uncomplicated. I used to think of it as a flawless and finely woven piece of cloth; warm, soft, and comforting.

My mother named me Scarlet for a reason that still remains a mystery, even to me.

The only thing that might have a connection to my name is a thing that my Aunt Maya used to say. She used to refer to my mother’s life as “a scarlet cloth of a very fine weave”. I guess that it had rubbed off on me at some point.

My life had never been this fragile, this breakable until today. The danger surrounding my friends Gaius, Ahmed, Darian, and I is immense. Nothing would have ever prepared us for this.

This should not be happening. Not now at least. Not when I finally had everything going for me.

I’ve been working on the first three chapters, and here’s a preview of the titles. I’m trying something new. Trying a new approach, if you will, to writing.

A Mass of Scarlet Berries

Papers Lettered in Scarlet and Black

Her Brightly Rouged Cheeks




6 responses

21 09 2008

this soinds a bit tough :S
bs i think ill give it a shot??

whens the deadline?

(please dont make it soon please please pretty please lol)

21 09 2008

oh and i cant wait to read the rest of scarlet….sounds really realy nice 🙂

21 09 2008

It’s a lot easier than you think. For instance, if you pick the color green, which cold reflect either envy or wealth and prosperity, and work it into your story. I tried to make this task as flexible as possible.

Can’t wait to read your work! 😀 I’m so excited 😛

Oh… the deadline is September 28th inshallah.. last day of submission. The discussion will end on October 5th.

I’m very glad you liked it! 😀 I’ll post Chapter One soon inshallah 🙂

21 09 2008

You know why I like your workshop?

It makes me think you’re finally going to finish what you start 🙂

21 09 2008

lol.. true 😛

Are you thinking of doing this task?

21 09 2008

DUDE isn’t the deadline for the first task the 23rd !?! or the 22nd?! anyways it’s still not over 😡 why start the new one now!?!?

i’m still working on the first one ya shagoool :@

although i like this one better 😀

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