New MacBook Pro on German site?

18 09 2008




.Could this really be the upcoming MacBook Pro?

There have been many conceptual fan-made mock-ups of the upcoming MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but this German website has a profile page for the unreleased MacBook Pros. The picture depicts a design that pretty much fits the rumors floating around about the new redesign of Apple professional notebook line.

Note that the company ‘T-Systems’ is a division of the same company that owns T-Mobile. So, it seems legit.

So, what do you think? Real or a really good Fake?

click to enlarge




5 responses

18 09 2008
Ruby Woo

lol i didn’t understand a word you said in this post.

on another note:
i just saw the new ipod nano and lol you were right, it looks better in real life ;p I’m thinking about getting the black one.

18 09 2008

looool! 😛 yeah.. I’m not in a very elaborative mood today.

I know, right! It’s very cute, and the colors are funky 🙂

18 09 2008

I was sent something that might interest you by N.

Check this link:

P.S. I know 7ada off topic, but mali khelg I send an e-mail 😛

18 09 2008

so… are we talking about the system or the lap top?

I don’t believe any other company would advertise before Apple…

19 09 2008

Thanks Ames, but I’ve already posted about this a while ago. 🙂

The laptop..

Yeah, I know.. but it’s intriguing that a mock up would appear on a legit website.

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