Update: 1st Task Rules Changed

16 09 2008








It has recently been brought to my attention [by a certain AnGeL ;)] that the rules of the writers workshop first task were a bit too specific. “Rewriting a nursery rhyme or fairy tale into a short story in the style of your favorite author” is a bit too much.

How about just [Rewriting a nursery rhyme or fairy tale into a short story]?

New Rules:

1. Pick a nursery rhyme, fairy tale or fable.

2. Rewrite it into a short story. [using its general theme]

It’d be much simpler, and would bring out more creativity.

Thanks a lot AnGeL!

Yallah, someone post something! I’m dying to read whatever you guys have to write! 😀




7 responses

17 09 2008

im chipping in soon, bs im really busy these days :S

oh and i totally loved how you removed the author thing, cz i dont have a favorite author and cant write in anyone elses style :S

and when you say fairy tale, you mean inspired on a fairytale or based on a fairy tale??

17 09 2008

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay love you :*

good call *putting my pen back inside* 😀

i like it this way, and i’m sure others will 😉

i’ll try to get started with this asap 😉 but is there a deadline or something?

17 09 2008

It’s better this way 🙂

I don’t have a knack for writing, but who knows! Maybe I’ll be able to wrote something after I see some more examples ^_^

17 09 2008

Very disappointed…
I thought you’d let me know when you launch something like this…
You should thank your heavens I need something to keep me busy these days.
I’ll work on something… 🙂

18 09 2008

great! wallah I can’t wait to read all of your writings. 🙂

Allah y3eenich wallah :/

Whichever, you’re free to do as you please.

love you too! LOOOL! 😛
*happy that Angel has put her pen away*

Can’t wait! And, the deadline is the 23rd of September 🙂

I believe that everyone is a writer, it’s jut how you tap into your inner “writer” and produce a work that you think is a proper representation of your thoughts, ideas, and musings.
Inshallah we’ll see some more examples! 🙂

I’m so sorry 😦 I was actually gonna post a comment in your most recent post but forgot. You know I’m a scatter-brain 😛

I can’t wait to read your work! 🙂

Please post your works on the Writers Workshop page and not here. This area is for comments only. Thanks 😀

20 09 2008

I’m lovin’ the concept! Will do, very soon.

21 09 2008

Can’t wait to read your work manutdfanatic! 🙂
Welcome to the workshop

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