Book Review: Eclipse [Book 3 – Twilight Saga]

9 09 2008

Ok, so this one might not have been as compelling as the first two novels, but it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Stephanie Meyer, once again, managed to continue her compelling saga of love, pain, and the trials of life.

I loved how Stephanie titled her works. I constantly find myself searching for hints of what the title might mean. And this one is one heck of a title. I found myself actually saying “ouch..” as I read the line that reflected the titled beautifully. You’ll find a little snippet at the end of this review.

Many people who’ve read the book complained about how the suspense was limited to only a few pages, and towards the end. And while I do agree with them, I believe that the novel was very well organized. Now I’m not saying it’s perfect; every piece of work has its own kinks. But I believe that this one handled very well on its own. Those pages, although few, were very gripping.

The development of the characters of Rosalie and Jasper was interesting. I found it quite riveting when Rosalie went on to explain how she became to be what she was now. I found myself sympathizing with her in this book, when I almost hated in the first to.

In sum, this was a very entertaining addition to the Saga, and I can’t wait to start Breaking Dawn, the concluding book in the Twilight Saga.

Title-explaining Snippet


Jacob’s house – Bella’s with him

“He’s like a drug for you, Bella.” His voice was still gentle, not at all critical. “I see that you can’t live without him now. It’s too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun.”

The corner of my mouth turned up in a wistful half-smile. “I used to think of you that way, you know. Like the sun. My personal sun. You balanced out the clouds nicely for me.”

He sighed. “The clouds I can handle. But I can’t fight with an eclipse.”







3 responses

9 09 2008

tra ur reviews abt her books are really making me crave them!

9 09 2008

lol! You really should get them. They’re very good. Stephanie’s a gem. 🙂

9 09 2008

yup definately the bows n arrows instead of the green circles;p

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