Apple unleashes new iPods, iTunes 8, 2.1 iPhone update

9 09 2008

Visit for more information about
the new iPods, iTunes, and iPone 2.1 update.

or click HERE for the Apple Online Store

or HERE for the iPod + iTunes Page

click to download iTunes 8




4 responses

10 09 2008

The new Nano looks nice 🙂

10 09 2008

Yeah, I like it. I love the new color selection. But it sure makes it harder to choose one, doesn’t it? 😛

10 09 2008

i love the new nano!!
definetly getting myself one of those!
oh and the shake to shuffle feature is going to come in very handy for someone as undecided as me =D

10 09 2008

I do too 🙂

bel3afya moqadaman 😉

LOL!Eeee, that feature’s really great. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh… so to speak. :p

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