Rumor Report: Old Navy soon at The Avenues

8 09 2008

This was inevitable. As soon as Al-Shaya’ got their hands on GAP and Banana RepublicOld Navy and Piperlime were sure to follow. Although, nothing has really been said about Piperlime.

Old Navy is said to be “in the works”. It might even open as soon as December. They actually might be relocating Debenham’s to make room for Old Navy in Phase One. No official word yet, for this is still a rumor.

both pics are clickable

So, what do you think?

Glad or sad?

Take care and stay safe 🙂




9 responses

8 09 2008

Why relocate anything? The avenues is large enough!

As far as I’m concerned the more stores (esp. new ones) the better 🙂

8 09 2008

I’m not sure. I guess it has something to do with the layout of the stores. :/

I second that! 😛

8 09 2008


8 09 2008

7addah! 😛

8 09 2008

no one buys from gap anymore. remember when their jackets were seen everywhere? GAP all over the place. ever since they brought it to kuwait, no one wears it anymore.
“taking about the jacket ppl”

8 09 2008

Yup, I remember that. It was more desirable when it wasn’t brought here to Kuwait.

The only thing I like about GAP is their jeans. One of the best practical brands out there.

9 09 2008

Old Navy is good for men..ya3ni sweats and things like that, But overall its not something to look forward to loool and in Q8..even the good stuff they have they wont bring like all the other stores they brought here ! WE WANT QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!

10 09 2008

Umm just wanted to correct you
Alshaya doesnt HAVE Gap or Banana Republic!
they are not part of the brands the group has!
Just thought Id let you know

10 09 2008


I have to agree with you on that. It seems that no matter how much we move forward, we keep moving backwards. < this statement is not intended as an attack on any person or party. It’s just a general statement.


lol, well.. I never said they HAD anything. I just mentioned that Al-shaya’ got their hands on them. Forgive me, I’m not very well-versed in technical sales and marketing terms 😛

Would the following phrases have been more efficient? “Got the rights for” or “were able to get the franchise for”

Thanks anyway 🙂

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