Finished Twilight

30 08 2008

I just finished reading Twilight, and wow. It was amazing. I loved every part of it. Chapter by chapter, I was dragged slowly but surely into the fascinating and sensational world constructed by the oh so talented Stephanie Meyer.

There wasn’t a dull word in sight in the tightly well-written love story between Bella, a young girl who falls in love with Edward, a vampire.

The variety of different characters made this book a delight to read. The author chose her words wisely, as I found myself not only picturing what she had written but also tasting and smelling. For an author to do that, he or she must have “unparalleled senses”, and Stephanie Meyer is up there with the very best. I found myself returning to the novel for more, skipping some meals in the process. And for me, that IS surprising :p~

Although I did build this novel up way too much in my mind, it did NOT disappoint. After reading the last few lines of the book, I was left in a twilight of powerful and inspirational emotions. I can’t wait to start reading New Moon, the second book in the Twilight Saga! Oh, and for the movie this November!

Recommendation: A must for all. It has everything I’d want in a book. And trust me, this one’s good!



Jennifer’s Body vs. True Blood

30 08 2008

Jennifer’s Body is Megan Fox’s [The girl from Transformers] upcoming new movie. It’s a Comedy | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller type movie about a cheerleader who gets possessed and turns into a killer who starts offing some of her fellow male classmates.

True Blood is a new series that will start airing on HBO this September about Vampires and how the co-exist with humans today, The pre-air episode is out there, somewhere on the internet. The series follows ‘Sookie Stackhouse’, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people’s minds, and how her life is turned upside down when the Vampire Bill, walks into her place of employment two years after vampires ‘came out of the coffin’ on national television.

I couldn’t help but notice the resemblence between their posters, so I decided to post it :p

Can’t wait to till the new fall season starts and new shows, as well as our beloved old one, start airing!

A noet to Heroes fans. This season’s going to be a 25-episode season. I don’t know about you, but I certainyl am excited! 😉

Review: Living Room Lounge

29 08 2008

After seeing pictures of this place on 2:48AM, I decided to check it out for myself with a friend this afternoon.

The place does have ambiance, and reflected the taste of the interior designer. A few candle lanterns scattered here and there gave it a homey look. The smell, however, of the paint and leather was a bit irritating. I would suggest visiting the place when the weather cools off a bit.

The staff was very friendly, although they did indulge in some gossip behind the counter. But, eh, who doesn’t?

The place was completely empty, and after inquiring how business was going to out water, he mentioned that it’s normally packed at night. Although only opened for about five days or so, the place is certainly attracting attention. Great timing, since the weather will start cooling off a bit in a few weeks.

The fringe used as curtains was so tacky that I was tempted to tear them all down.

My friend and I both ordered the Mushroom Pasta [Penne], which was simply delicious. I had a mojito to drink, while he felt a little adventurous and got the Bungalow 7, which he says is very good. The mojito was good as well. Not too sweet, not too sour.

And of course, we both had to indulge in something sweet. Sadly, the chocolate fondue was unavailable, so we settled for the Tiramisu. It was alright; the biscuit was a bit too hard for my taste.

The place must be gorgeous, when it’s all lit up at night.

All in all, we both had a good time at the Living Room Lounge. The beach was beautiful. The ocean was muddy and mucky, but it was sunny, and people were enjoying themselves; that’s what counts. 🙂

Recommendation: Check it out, the place is very nice. I would recommend that you go at night, when all the candles are lit and the moon reflects perfectly off the ocean.

Excuse the pics. I took them with my BlackBerry.


and a half

Couldn’t Sleep

27 08 2008

I couldn’t sleep. Spent the whole night surfing online, checking out blogs, checking out amazon, and chatting with some friends. I had a poppyseed bagel with cream cheese spread and some coffee.

And now I’m getting ready to start reading the first book of the Twilight Saga.

Movie Reviews: Tropic Thunder + Julia

27 08 2008

I just got home after having gone to the movies and having dinner with ‘I’. Watched Tropic Thunder, which was really good, and Julia, which was strange but surprisingly well-done!

Tropic Thunder

and a half

Synopsis: Ben Stiller. Jack Black. Robert Downey Jr. Comedy fans can start drooling immediately at the thought of these three funnymen joining forces in TROPIC THUNDER. The men star as a trio of actors whose filming experience in southeast Asia gets a little too real as they must become as tough as the characters they play to get out of a crisis. Ben Stiller. Jack Black. Robert Downey Jr. Comedy fans can start drooling immediately at the thought of these three funnymen joining forces in TROPIC THUNDER. The men star as a trio of actors whose filming experience in southeast Asia gets a little too real as they must become as tough as the…

Review: Tropic Thunder, an obvious but very well executed parody on big Hollywood was movies, is extremely enjoyable. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the underlying messages are apparent.

Packed with fresh new jokes and hilarious characters, Tropic Thunder should NOT be missed. Even if it’s been butchered by censors, and many funny scenes that I’ve been looking forward to seeing after hearing about them have been edited out.

I was surprised about how many A-list [and some famous B-list] actors were in this that haven’t been shown in the trailers. :p~

The acting was great. It completely sucks you in. There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the entire 107 minutes. The acting was superb. I just loved Robert Downy Jr.! LOL! he was just awesome. Ben Stiller does an outstanding job in directing this action-packed summer comedy. Oh, and Tom Cruise, in a hairy fat suit, funny! Lol, when I first heard about his part I was expecting a lame ass role, but was surprised. This could actually revive his career. 🙂

Recommendation: GO WATCH IT. And DO NOT miss the beginning! :p~


Well, Julia’s just a totally different experience. It’s extremely well-written. There wasn’t a line that was out of place.

Synopsis: Tilda Swinton fills the screen once again with an outstanding preformance as Julia, a drunkard who spends the nights partying, and usually wakes up, not knowing where she is. She is given a proposition one day that she couldn’t refuse. A woman she met at AA ask Julia to help her kidnap her son, who was taken away from he due to her mental instability and drinking. This is when everything starts to go wrong.

Review: The characterization’s very well done. You sympathize with Julia almost instantly and root for her throughout the second half of the movie. The movie toys with your emotions a bit as things constantly go awry for Julia. She is pulled into a web of lies, deciet, and betrayal, but ultimitly breaks down as her maternal side surfaces and engulfs her in the end.

You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the movie. :p~A word of caution, this one could be a SNOOZE-FEST for people who are not fans of independant movies that seek to venture into the depths of the human psyche.

There is one scene missing at the beginning of the movie that might confuse you a bit.

I was skeptic at first, but I just love Tilda and had to see it! 🙂

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of movies about personal and self discovery, check this one out.

Michelle Rodriguez Back On Lost?

26 08 2008

Michelle Rodriguez back on


I just got this of of EZTV…

Michelle Rodriguez might be returning to the show this season, multiple sources confirm exclusively to

Details of her comeback are, not surprisingly, shrouded in secrecy, but here’s what was said:

• Rodriguez is back for one episode, most likely this season’s second. As a result, the risk to Hawaii’s roadways is said to be minimal.

• Given that Ana Lucia’s bullet-riddled body is probably entering the final stage of decomposition, conventional Lost wisdom (if there is such a thing) points to her appearing in someone’s flashback or via hallucination. The fact that Cheech Marin is also on the guest list for eppy 2 suggests that it’s most likely a Hurley-centric outing. And after his encounter with Charlie’s ghost last season, it’s certainly feasible that Hurley would have an imaginary run-in with Ana Lucia. There’s also this theory, put forth by EW’s own Doc Jensen: “Maybe Ana Lucia busted L.A.-based Ghost Hustler Miles during her pre-crash LAPD days, and now the freighter folkster is seeing visions of the late Tailie on the Island!”


So what do you think? Good news? or bad news?

Would you rather have her stay dead and burried? or are you open to the possibility of ressurecting her character on Lost? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂

This Just In: Lacoste 40% End-of-Season Sale

25 08 2008

Just got this text message.. Well, the end of the summer season has come, and Lacoste are having a sale on their summer collection starting from the 25th of August. 40% off of almost everything at Salhiya, Avenues, and Al-Fanar.

Call 804077 for more information.

Take care and stay safe 🙂