Underpaid Workers = Overflowing Trash Carts

30 07 2008

We’ve all seen it on the news, read about it in newspapers, and probably heard it from friends or family… Many, if not all, workers are on strike due to neglect from their employers side. They’re underpaid, overworked, and not being cared for properly. They’ve been neglected, disregarded, disrespected, and basically pushed over the edge.

The number of foreign laborers here in Kuwait are about 1.2 – 1.5 million.. and their numbers are on the rise. If even a fraction of them decide to go on strike, the whole country would be in utter chaos.

Take a look as some pictures I’ve taken of trash cans/carts from my area:

This certainly is a problem that can’t be ignored.. unless we want to be ankle deep in waste and refuse.

What say you? :p

Take care & stay safe,




5 responses

30 07 2008

Et6ale3 your anexiety b blogging?

30 07 2008
The Archer

I don’t really get what your saying/asking.. and I’m reluctantly gonna say.. umm.. yes :p~ hehe

1 08 2008

Shako im9awer beetna??

1 08 2008
The Archer

lol! Really? did I? 😀
I guess I’m your stalker :p~

1 08 2008

huh our aria is CLEAN no left trash on the street 😀

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