~ David & Fatima ~

26 06 2008
I was checking out new movie posters at impawards.com
and came accross an interesting new title.
-click to enlarge-

Plot Summary from IMDB:

A Forbidden Love Will Change The World

Jerusalem: A city of contrasts and conflicts, where Arabs, Jews, Christians and Muslims all mix but seldom mingle. This is where David, a young Israeli Jew, and Fatima, a beautiful Palestinian Muslim girl, meet and fall in love. But in a volatile land that is steeped in tradition and soaked in blood, their love is forbidden. Despite their best efforts to keep their romance a secret, their friends and families find out the truth, and their reactions are swift and violent. David and Fatima must act quickly to avoid losing each other forever. Willing to risk all for the sake of love, they elope in a land where marriage between them is impossible and the consequences of being together – deadly. In this dramatic story of love, destiny, and the search for peace in the Holy Land, David and Fatima struggle to beat the odds and in doing so challenge not only their families but Fate itself. Summary by – Anonymous.

Loving the poster. Can’t wait till this movie is released.

What say you, Sou? :p~

Oh, and there’s another movie, a 2005 romantic comedy with more or less the same plotline as David & Fatima, titled “David & Layla” with the tagline Kosher Meets Halal! 😀

Take care & stay safe all 🙂
The Archer ’08




4 responses

26 06 2008

Sounds very interesting… when does it come out?

26 06 2008
The Archer

Well, I’m not really sure. But it’s sometime later this year. Hopefully soon.

If I’m not mistaken, it’ll either have a limited release in some countries, or go direct to DVD.

27 06 2008

Seems something I would want to watch. Sou would definitely go for it.

BUT.. I have a feeling people won’t learn from it. They’ll be all “Aaaaawwww! Zain sawaw they eloped, etc.” After the movie is done, they’ll go: “Ee bas mu mn muwakheeth`hum, they won’t be compatible, etc.”

So, yay! I’ll pretend I didn’t watch it to avoid having fallouts with people I love;p

27 06 2008
The Archer

loooool.. 7ilo radich! :p~

Let’s just see the end result.. it might surprise us..

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