The search for "the best" ISP in Kuwait…

21 06 2008

I’m looking for the best Internet Service Provider in Kuwait.. Fasttelco’s service is crappy.. nuff said I guess :p~

I’m currently eyeing United Networks. An ultimate [Unlimited] 2MB connection seems pretty good to me. Ya3ny basically, in a nutshell, it doesn’t moderate your download speeds when conducting peer-2-peer sharing. [Torrents..etc.] That’s what I need right now.

But the problem is, I’ve been getting mixed reviews, on ALL ISP’s, so I don’t really know which one to go for. There doesn’t seem to be any solid provider here. I’m either going for Quality Net, Zajil, or United Networks.

If anyone out there has any experience with these ISP’s please leave a comment.

Don’t get me started on the prices. A 2MB connection cost about 35-50 KD per month here in Kuwait; a 6MB [downstream speed] connection costs about $ 35 per month in the States [Spec. LA, California] God, I miss LA. 😦

The only downside to finding the best ISP is the all the HD’s I’m gonna have to buy. :p

AnGel, shrayich? Sou, my baby is up for adoption. :p



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21 06 2008

hmmm..i’m using fasttelco right now and i don’t seem to have a problem, but that could be because i don’t download stuff like u do and my basic use of the internet consists of reading and researching, i mean there isn’t much heavy load on it :p but from what i’ve heard it’s crappy for ppl who use it for teh reasons u want to use it for, downloading torents and stuff, they all say it’s crap and i heard some good reviews from united network. as for quality net, i was told that u have to pay for the big offers and higher speeds to get really good service, but again, i just heard that, i don’t know :p

*P.S. what baby? adoption ?!!! is it the same baby i know? the one u told me u’re giving up for a bigger, better one ? let me know 😀

21 06 2008

im using KEMS (the same zajil people)…and theyre pretty good 9ara7a..i used qnet before and they were terribel, the things would get disconnected every 10seconds :S

21 06 2008

7ada not my field;p

21 06 2008
The Archer


Eeee, I’ve been heavily downloading a lot of movies and shows. And besides, iTunes and Apple TV work best with speedier connections.

Thanks for the info, Angel 😉

Lol!! Yes, it’s the baby you know. Hehe :p~


Thanks Dandoon. I’ve been hearing very good things about Kems/Zajil. Their security is said to be the best in KU. Many banks and corporations have signed on with Kems.

Thanks for the info :o.. Quality Net also has a bad rep. In addition to being overpriced.


LOL!!! I figured as much :p~

7 08 2008

Greetings, I too am looking for the best ISP I can find in Kuwait. We download alot of TV from Itunes and need something that will accomodate this. We currently use United Networks. The problem with the ADSL lines will be the quality of the telephone line. We have had a problem with attenuation on our line so the internet drops in and out. I know other people who live in other areas who are using United Networks without a problem. Our phone lines have really been crappy for the last year. Problem is that United Networks has to deal with the MOC. Perhaps when the fiber gets connected and turned on it will get better but for now it is not… United Network is working on it so I guess I can say that the customer support has been good. But we have had our internet go out every other day for a month and I am now on a first name basis with the technicians… Needless to say we are looking at switching to a wireless ISP like the e-Go. I have heard good things from work colleagues but they don’t download as much TV as we do. So I don’t know if it won’t be expensive. Any thoughts on the wireless options?

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