Mirrors [2008]

13 06 2008
Mirrors [2008]

It’s Friday the 13th! and I’m on a search to find that next big horror movie. After being disappointed by The Happening, I started surfing the net for a while and came across the long awaited teaser trailer of the Korean horror remake titled Mirrors.

[Release Date : August 15th]

Directed by Alexandre Aja [The Hills Have Eyes ’06 Remake – High Tension], Mirrors is centered around the character of Ben Carson [Keifer Sutherland], an ex-New York police detective, who has been relieved from duty due to the fatal shooting of another officer. A recovering alcoholic, recently separated from his wife, Ben takes a job as head of security at a burnt down department store plagued by unexplained deaths.

The store is also the target of demonstrators wanting compensation for an earlier staff fire tragedy. The man becomes intrigued by a disturbed woman. She claims her sister, who died in the fire, is exacting revenge, using mirrors as a gateway back into the living world.

~Teaser Trailer~
If you ask me, it looks like a remake of the three Poltergeist movies. Anyway.. having something to watch is better than nothing. :/

Horror Movie Marathon tonight. Me and a couple of friends are skipping the game and going to watch 13 horror movies continuously tonight. Four tubs of Ben & Jerry’s are chillin’ in the freezer, and two boxes of popcorn are just waiting to be popped :p~

Take care, stay safe, and be careful :[

The Archer ’08




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