Movie Review: The Happening 75% [being kind]

12 06 2008
Zoozameter: 75%

Movie Synopsis:

M. Night Shyamalan directs this thriller about a father (Mark Walhberg) who tries to escape with his family after an apocalyptic event. THE HAPPENING costars Zooey Deschanel and John Leguizamo.

Cinescape Experience:

I cannot believe that they are actually editing out graphic death scenes now. As a horror/gore fan, I am appalled by this. The Ministery of Mass Comm/ Cinescape should be buried alive and have their grave spat on.

Movie Experience and Review:

The lighting was enthralling. The direction was superb. The effects were captivating. But the acting… uhh the acting was mainly ok, but just downright stupid at times. Mr. Shyamalan should have spent more time working on the script, just as much time as he spent tryign to make it strange and otherworldly.

The mic did appear at the top of the screen in some shot, which really bothered me at times.

M. Night Shyamalan writes, directs, and produces another thriller, in which he portrays moments of urgency and drama through aiming but missing on the Hitchcockian style.

The Happening starts out with an eerie couple of scenes that would send chills down anyone’s spine, but takes a wrong turn after 30 to 40 minutes into the movie.

*Spoilers Start*

There are some interesting sequences, where that viral video on Youtube [a large group of people stand still at the exact same time] was adapted on screen. Another creepy sequence is were a man actually turns on a huge lawnmower and lays down on the grass and gets “mower-ed”.

The scene that was edited out is where a zoo keeper provokes a lion and gets eaten alive. Thanks to Jerrod, I got my hands on the final script four weeks ago, and some preproduction daily footage.

*Spoilers End*

There were some fun jumps here and there, but other than that zilch. It was as if the movie went from filming to cinemas before entering preproduction. Okay, maybe I’m being brutal, or maybe I’ve just built it up way too much in my mind, but the movie was just ok for me.
Zooey Deschanel was really good considering what she had to work with. I loved every scene she was in, and Shyamalan was Mark Walhberg was not very good. He was clearly not the best choice to play the lead role. The kid was good, but annoying at times.


Go and see it if you REALLY want to, but otherwise skip this one and wait for a decent screener or DvdRip to appear online, or rent it from iTunes in a few months.

Take care & Stay safe
The Archer ’08




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