12 06 2008

It was one of those perfect mornings. We were both out sipping lattes by the pier and having a great time. Suddenly, she gets a call and tells me that she has to leave. She does.

When you’re at a point when you have everything going for you.. Why do we let the one thing we don’t have affect they way we feel about all of the things we do have?

I needed an upper, and fast. But just before I was about to point at that gorgeous chocolate chip muffin next to the counter, I remembered all the hard work I had put in the past couple of months. It wasn’t worth it. So I just got lost shopping all day. And believe me, it doesn’t help that much… except the economy, of course.

There are times when a guy relishes being alone, but today wasn’t one of them. So after a few phone calls I gathered with a few friends and we went sailing. It was a good day. But I couldn’t help but think about how much more it would be if I was with her.

Take care & Stay safe
The Archer ’08




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12 06 2008

The one thing that affects everthing we have is the thing that matters most. That’s how it is, unfortunately. That’s how it is with me, anyway.

If you eat anything equivalent to that muffing, I’ll bite your head off;p

And this was one of my good reads:)


12 06 2008
The Archer

So true. It does.

LOL.. I won’t :p I’m being strong. hehe


Loved the song btw,


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