Planning on getting your hands on a new iPhone? Good luck!

11 06 2008
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Well, as it turns out that Apple will NOT be selling the new iPhone 3G online. You need to go to the Apple Store or an AT&T store, get a phone a sign a 2-year contract with them. Then you can either have them activate it at the store or you can continue the activation proccess at home.

Apple tried doing this with the previous iPhone to keep the exclusivity to AT&T, but people kept buying the phones and unlocking them to use them with their own Service Provider, which left hundreds of thousands of unactivated AT&T accounts. Apple made the iPhone exclusive to AT&T in the States.. but will sure to have contracts and agreements with other SP’s in the near future. T-Mobile, Vodafone, and other mobile service providers have signed a contract with Apple and are set to release the iPhone in 22 countries July 11th and 70 other countries later this year.

Will Zain be smart and get to Apple before Wataniya does? If either of them do.. the iPhone will probably start from 199 KD rather than $199 dollars. My Blackberry Curve was like 180 KD when I got it.. and it’s like $99 cheap in the states when you sign a contract with one of the SP’s.

With its GPS, 3G technology, and amazing new features.. the iPhone 3G might take TWICE as long to find its way into out pockets. Let’s just hope that the iPhone Dev Team can crack the new 2.0 firmare.

P.S. There are two or three ways to get the new iPhone 3G, but they’re a hasstle.. let’s just wait till July 11th and see.

Check out Engadget for more info about the iPhone, and what’s NOT included in the box this time. Apple’s getting greedy… heavy ‘A’ sure likes to eat! :p

Take care & Stay safe
The Archer ’08




3 responses

12 06 2008

Im in love with blackberry ❤

12 06 2008
The Archer

I love mine too, but what can I do.. I’m addicted to my iPhone :p~

13 06 2008

I love my blackberry too.

Thats right about the i phone. . . but will it unlock have a look at this article on what there planning to protect the unlocking of new iphones. however in some countries its illegal to do.. read the comments

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