New 3G iPhone with firmare 2.0 + MobileMe

9 06 2008

This is gonna be a really short post cos I have to go and organize/pack a few things. So…

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is known to be the launch site for many of Apple’s innovative software and, sometimes, hardware.

1. 3G iPhone : Twice the speed, half the price [8GB $199 16GB $299

Click here to watch the new TV ad

click to enlarge

2. MobileMe: the new .Mac with amazing new features

Click here to watch the Guided Tour

click to enlarge

3. iPhone firmware 2.0 with great features

4. Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”

More detailed post later,

Take care & Stay safe
The Archer ’08




2 responses

10 06 2008

3ad zain hal iPhone? Because galaw you can’t forward messages and there are lots of problems.. the problems solved now in this model or la2??

11 06 2008
The Archer

Wallah I’ve been using mine for 7 months and can’t complain. I can forward messages using a program called SMSD. Pretty simple. You can also write & write Arabic if you want.
But.. there’s always a but.. Apple are NOT selling the new iPhone online. You need to go to the Apple Store or an AT&T store, get a phone a sign a 2-year contract with them.

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