The Wedding Night

7 06 2008

After having a conversation with (Am), I decided to dedicate a post to comment on “that special night”.

Ok, so you’re married. You’ve survived the planning, went through with the ceremony with your grace and dignity still intact, and battled the hateful stares and impudent comments of that LOUD aunt of yours; now what?

What’s next? The Wedding Night, of course. Hmmm, interesting.

Your knees are buckling under your dress or “dishdasha”. Your heart is beating faster and faster with every step you take to get closer to eachother. You find yourself out of breath. Both of you look deep into eachothers eyes and instantly know that something amazing is about to happen.

*insert fireworks here*

Take care and stay safe,

A message to all newlyweds from friends of mine (J+A):

Trust me, when you get to that point, everything seems clear all of a sudden. Just make sure to breath cause sometimes you forget, you know :p~ It is supposed to be the most magical night of your lives, the moment where you begin the beautiful journey of life with that special someone who holds you so close to his or her heart. God bless.




8 responses

7 06 2008

I refuse to share my thoughts on that matter AGAIN!;p

7 06 2008


7 06 2008
The Archer

Amethyst: lol, yeah. ‘nuf said. 😉

Palomino: lol! I do too :p~

8 06 2008

I like the way u descibed it 😀
and thanks to yr friends,, we got the message 😉

8 06 2008

My wedding night is going to be my worst nightmare! 😛

8 06 2008
The Archer

Thank you! :p

lol, I’m sure it wont be! :p~

8 06 2008

A girl always wonders how her weddnight night will be.. I’ve been sketching for it since I was 12.

9 06 2008
The Archer


I hope yours will be as magical as you sketched it 🙂

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