Starbucks U.S. offering free AT&T Wi-Fi… what’s the catch?

3 06 2008

While most popular coffee shops here in Kuwait offer a 1-hour Wi-Fi card with every order you make, Starbucks [U.S.] are offering its regular customers 2 hours of free Wi-Fi a day if they use their Starbucks Card.

Basically, “to get your AT&T Wi-Fi account, you simply need a Starbucks Card that you have used in the last 30 days, and agree to receive up to four emails per year from AT&T. As long as you continue to use your card at least once a month (make a purchase or load a balance) you’ll continue to enjoy up to 2 hours per day of complimentary Wi-Fi access in any U.S. Starbucks store which offers Wi-Fi.” – FAQ – Starbucks Card Rewards

The interesting thing is that you would have your own account, and do not need to buy a drink every time you want to jumpstart your music or movie downloads at “The Bean” :p~ Just use your card once a month, to make a purchase or recharge it, and you’re good to go. And this offer is available at every Wi-Fi equipped Starbucks coffee shop.

It would be rather interesting to see Starbucks striking a deal with one of our telecommunication companies and create a similar deal. Hopefully, the green-eyed montser would stay hidden and not rear its ugly head like always. Hint, hint. :p~

Take care & Stay safe
The Archer




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