Apple launches its "Back to School" promo

3 06 2008

Apple launched its new “Back to School” promo today.

According to Apple:

If you’re a student, faculty, or staff member and you buy a Mac before September 15, you can get a free iPod touch or iPod nano. After all, isn’t college about seizing every opportunity?

This is just the tip of the ice berg for Apple’s “extravagant” summer premonitions.

Take a look at the banners :p~

O, if only back to school promos here in kuwait would would be this creative… :p~

Take care & Stay safe
The Archer




3 responses

5 06 2008

Damn, i just can’t help it but hate them as much i love them….

6 06 2008

Nice “out of reach” promo 🙂

7 06 2008
The Archer

Angel: LOL! :p Shiftay shloun :p

Ladywhisper: hehe, it depends on how you look at them I guess. Love your blog btw 😉

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