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29 05 2008

I’m thinking of starting a new story, but I’m torn between three main ideas. Note that they are going to be written as a series.

1. God told me to
A young woman starts killing random people, believing that “God told her to do it”.

2. Marcus
A disturbed young boy is plagued by horrific nightmares and headaches that he believes make him commit murder.

3. Friday the 13th*
A man and a woman inherit an antique store from their dead great uncle, who made a pact with the devil years before to sell cursed artifacts. They endeavor to retrieve these antiques from the people who bought them to stop the curses from causing harm.

* This has no relation with the horror series titled “Friday the 13th”. This story is based on a television series, of the same name, that aired between (1987-1990).




5 responses

29 05 2008

Marcus. 🙂

30 05 2008

I second Sou, Marcus!

30 05 2008

they all sound similar and old ideas. try thinking of something new, original for a change 😉
you can do it 😉 amaze us :p

1 06 2008

You’ve been tagged!

3 06 2008

i like Friday the 13th (although i would suggest a different title :p) it sound like an episode from Supernatural 😀

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