Michael Faux (3): The Final Chapter

29 05 2008
Michael Faux (3)

The Final Chapter

3 months later

3:00 AM

After discovering all of the papers were just a sham, created by his deranged mother [birth mother], Michael decides to take his own life. He had been hoping, and searching for his supposed “birth father”, and “twin brother” for three months. He was searching for nothing. A far fetched lie created by his ill mother. His real mother. His only mother.

He heads to the kitchen and takes a knife out of the first drawer. He looks at the knife for a few minutes, examining the tool that he would use to end his sham of a life. Then, suddenly, something happens. He snaps. His face turned white. It was as if he had seen a ghost. He turns around and walks towards the stair and up to his mothers room. He opens the door, but does not turn on the light. He walks over to the bed and places his hands on the sheet. He raises the knife with his right hand, and strikes at the bed, rapidly, several times. He stops at the 13th stab.

He walks back to the door and turns on the light. And there, on the bed, was his father, dead. What he had just done pushes him over the edge of insanity. He screams and yells. He starts acting frantic and runs to the attic. He opens the window facing the garden and jumps. He plunges to his inevitable death.

The End

I wanted to end this story because I had another one in mind. Writers block…whatcha gonna do? I had a lot of ideas in mind for Michael Faux… but it just didn’t seem appealing to me anymore. Apparently, some readers (you know who you are) are getting confused. So I decided to end the story, and killing Michael off was the best way to do it.




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30 05 2008

Confusion a7san mn bad ending! La kaf al7een! Bas ana 3asabt;@

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