Michael Faux (2)

25 05 2008
Michael Faux (2)

a story by

The Archer

He was a man possessed. He couldn’t eat, drink, or sleep; all he could do is think about his twin brother. It all makes sense now. All those years of feeling lonely and depressed. His other half was taken away. The truth behind what had happened still remained a mystery.

He sulked to the television set and turned it on. A voice comes on before the image appears:

The bodies of nineteen year old Jessica and Jenna Tripp were discovered stuffed in a garbage dump late last night. The sheriff’s department has yet to release any add…”

The woman’s voice faded away in the backgrounds of his thoughts. This was the fourth murder case in two months. The police have no leads; and why would they? They’re all a bunch of red-neck assholes who can’t even teach a monkey to scratch its own ass.

He forced himself to focus. He’d been spending countless hours on the computer and on the phone trying to track down his birth father and twin brother. It never mentioned his name. His brother’s name. Who was he? How would he act if he saw me? These an many more questions were circling in the bowls of his mind.

His father walked in, without knocking like every other day, asking if he needed anything. Michael never confronted his parents about his discovery, but he was tempted to do so now. But he decided to keep it to himself. He didn’t want to delude his mine with more thoughts. He needed to stay focused. He needed to find his twin brother.

… to be continued.




One response

26 05 2008

His father? Al7een ohwa mu ma yadri meno his father?

Ga3ed athaye3;\

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