90210 [This Fall]

21 05 2008

Ok.. so.. a lot of shows are ending this week, promising us a new season this fall. But of course, as in every year, it is a time where other “fresh” new shows make an appearance.

After months and months of speculation and rumors, the new Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off is finally a “go”, starring some of the hottest young stars of our time. Even though some can’t even act if their lives depended on it, I’ve looking forward for this shows since the rumors started. Jennie Garth has a recurring role in the show. Rumors also circulate that Tori Spelling might also make a guest appearance in the pilot episode.

Starring one of my favorite young actresses, Jessica Stroup, the show holds much promise for this coming fall season.

All major studios are displaying their new line-ups for the fall. Check out www.newtotv.com for more information about the newest shows commencing in the fall.




One response

21 05 2008

You had to e-mail me that even though I check your blog.

I don’t watch series;p

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