IRON MAN [2008] Zoozameter: 92%

3 05 2008
Zoozameter : 92%

Iron Man is one of this summers most anticipated Superhero movies.

The gadgetry is absolutely dazzling, the action is mostly exhilarating, the comedy is scintillating and the whole enormous enterprise throbs with dramatic energy. – Joe Morgenstern [Wall Street Journal]

The movie pushes all the right buttons. It is both thrilling and inventive. It is defiantly one of the smartest Superhero movies I have ever seen. Enjoyable on so many levels, Iron Man is a must see for all.

The special FX were bedazzling, the action was gripping, and the characterization was enthralling. Brimming with charm and charisma, Robert Downy Jr. fills the screen with his incredible and otherworldly performance. Gwyneth Paltrow makes an amazing come-back to the big screen as Tony Stark’s assistant/side-kick. Her performance is enchanting and bewitching.

The camera touches on all the right angles. It’s no wonder that this superbly directed action-packed movie has gotten rave reviews from both top world-renowned critics and audience members alike.

Although the ending could have been a lot better, it certainly isn’t lacking. I really enjoyed this movies and would recommend it to everyone.

Go see it!
Trust me. It will certainly delight even non-comic lovers!




3 responses

4 05 2008

They should have picked a hotter guy;p

Zoozameter.. I like! Shmexi!

10 05 2008

Some of that read like you have a thesaurus open in front of you 😛

I don’t think I’l watch this…Sounds like your type of movie though…glad you liked it 🙂

10 05 2008
The Archer

LOL! You got me.. I did use a thesaurus.. :p

Thanks. I think that you’ll like it too..

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