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29 05 2008

I’m thinking of starting a new story, but I’m torn between three main ideas. Note that they are going to be written as a series.

1. God told me to
A young woman starts killing random people, believing that “God told her to do it”.

2. Marcus
A disturbed young boy is plagued by horrific nightmares and headaches that he believes make him commit murder.

3. Friday the 13th*
A man and a woman inherit an antique store from their dead great uncle, who made a pact with the devil years before to sell cursed artifacts. They endeavor to retrieve these antiques from the people who bought them to stop the curses from causing harm.

* This has no relation with the horror series titled “Friday the 13th”. This story is based on a television series, of the same name, that aired between (1987-1990).


Michael Faux (3): The Final Chapter

29 05 2008
Michael Faux (3)

The Final Chapter

3 months later

3:00 AM

After discovering all of the papers were just a sham, created by his deranged mother [birth mother], Michael decides to take his own life. He had been hoping, and searching for his supposed “birth father”, and “twin brother” for three months. He was searching for nothing. A far fetched lie created by his ill mother. His real mother. His only mother.

He heads to the kitchen and takes a knife out of the first drawer. He looks at the knife for a few minutes, examining the tool that he would use to end his sham of a life. Then, suddenly, something happens. He snaps. His face turned white. It was as if he had seen a ghost. He turns around and walks towards the stair and up to his mothers room. He opens the door, but does not turn on the light. He walks over to the bed and places his hands on the sheet. He raises the knife with his right hand, and strikes at the bed, rapidly, several times. He stops at the 13th stab.

He walks back to the door and turns on the light. And there, on the bed, was his father, dead. What he had just done pushes him over the edge of insanity. He screams and yells. He starts acting frantic and runs to the attic. He opens the window facing the garden and jumps. He plunges to his inevitable death.

The End

I wanted to end this story because I had another one in mind. Writers block…whatcha gonna do? I had a lot of ideas in mind for Michael Faux… but it just didn’t seem appealing to me anymore. Apparently, some readers (you know who you are) are getting confused. So I decided to end the story, and killing Michael off was the best way to do it.

Finals: 7 to go!

27 05 2008

Ok.. so.. finals are here.. it sucks, I know, but what are you gonna do, right?

Stressed.. anxious.. excited.. nauseous.. flat tire.. thirsty.. sleepy..

Life’s a bitch… bonus marks are hot… trust no one… oooh Pizza ;p~

Wishing you all health and happiness. Good luck on all your finals.

Take Care & Stay Safe
The Archer

Michael Faux (2)

25 05 2008
Michael Faux (2)

a story by

The Archer

He was a man possessed. He couldn’t eat, drink, or sleep; all he could do is think about his twin brother. It all makes sense now. All those years of feeling lonely and depressed. His other half was taken away. The truth behind what had happened still remained a mystery.

He sulked to the television set and turned it on. A voice comes on before the image appears:

The bodies of nineteen year old Jessica and Jenna Tripp were discovered stuffed in a garbage dump late last night. The sheriff’s department has yet to release any add…”

The woman’s voice faded away in the backgrounds of his thoughts. This was the fourth murder case in two months. The police have no leads; and why would they? They’re all a bunch of red-neck assholes who can’t even teach a monkey to scratch its own ass.

He forced himself to focus. He’d been spending countless hours on the computer and on the phone trying to track down his birth father and twin brother. It never mentioned his name. His brother’s name. Who was he? How would he act if he saw me? These an many more questions were circling in the bowls of his mind.

His father walked in, without knocking like every other day, asking if he needed anything. Michael never confronted his parents about his discovery, but he was tempted to do so now. But he decided to keep it to himself. He didn’t want to delude his mine with more thoughts. He needed to stay focused. He needed to find his twin brother.

… to be continued.

Michael Faux

25 05 2008

a story by

The Archer

Michael knew a trick. He knew how to turn his life into a movie, and watch it unfold in front of him. Not to him, but to someone who looked just like him. Was he the runaway with everything he owned in a torn old backpack? or was he watching a movie about a hitchhiking runaway on a lonely highway. A truck slowed, until the boy squinted in its headlights. But one good look at him, and the trucker couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Michael didn’t have the strength to curse him, as he choked on the dust of his spinning wheels.

He had always felt like half a person-half a person with half a soul. Sometimes if he dreamed hard enough, he could bring the two halves together. But he always woke to the same feeling of loneliness and loss. His hands trembled with anticipation as he opened the folder containing the birth records. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he’d been hoping that his biological father would be, oh, George Cloony or Antonio Banderas.

Instead, it was someone called John Faux. He wrote down the name, and his father’s last known address. But it was what he saw next that slammed into his gut like a celestial fist. He stared at the hospital records with disbelief. It couldn’t be true. But there it was in black and white. Not only did he have a father he had never met, he also had an identical twin. But John Faux had left town with his twin brother almost eighteen years ago. How would he ever find his other half? He knew only that he had to try; he had no choice.

Odd, even; right, left; rest, motion; peace, war; love hate. There are two halves to everything. Sometimes these get cut. They get cut in half.

…to be continued.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 Finale Edit

24 05 2008

Finales are almost done.. with only a couple of shows left.

The (80 min) Grey’s Anatomy finale [Episode 16 + 17] was by far the best so far! Let’s just say that everything we’ve been waiting for… for the past three years.. finally align. It’s smart, clever, touching, and HOT! I’m just in shock right now.

Although hindered by the writer’s strike and other problems, these last couple of episodes were a great ending to a good season. Oh, and the song at the closing scenes were awesome. I’m gonna get back to editing my final paper for my Theory & Criticism class. Wish me luck! :-p~

I’m gonna leave you guys with a video I made of the finale.
Enjoy! 😉

[Warning: Video contains explicit material and spoilers]

Take Care & Stay Safe!

Does making bad decisions make us bad people?

22 05 2008

Today’s Magic Words
Coke* – Lies – Deception – Call – Past comes back to bite me in the ass.
Okay, I know that the last one isn’t a word, but I just had to add it in.

I might be making a big mistake a few minutes from now. I don’t know what to do. A friend has been having a few problems, and I just don’t know what to do anymore. 2007 has been a rough year. But this years doesn’t show much promise either. El7imdillah 3ala kil 7al, but sometimes you just can’t help feeling bad.

I’ve been blessed to have such a wonderful family, and so many great friends and best friends, and I’ll never take that for granted. Uhhh.. ok. I’m just gonna go deal with this the only way I know how. Yelling is expected.

Wish me luck!

*= I choose not to elaborate.

Take Care & Stay Safe