The Definition of a Friend?

19 04 2008

Sometimes I wonder what the requirement would be to count someone as a “friend.” Are people too free with putting others in that category or am I being a cynic?

To me, a friend is someone who’s been there for me over the years, through thick, through the thin–someone who picks me up when I’m down. But then, I see other people who hang out with someone once or twice, and they assume that person is a friend for life. For me, I have to really know someone inside and out before I know it’s totally okay to let that person in.

It kind of gets to me when I see someone I know deeming someone their new “best friend” while completely leaving old friends behind. They should know that their longtime friends will always be there, and the “flavor of the week” might not be all that they seem.

What do you think qualifies someone to be your friend? I’d be curious to read what you have to say. Please leave a comment.

Take Care & Stay Safe