I’m Back!

17 04 2008

I’m back from my brief stint with the blog world. I’m here to get back on track with all things true. I have a few new “rules” I am supposed to abide by. Keep things “light,” “school-related,” and fun. Stay away from dark alleys and “tabloid” issues. (Sound a lot like: be blond, be bland, be boring?)

I assure you that this is not done to hush my hollering about “scandalous” events, gossip and such. And so I say this: I promise you, my friends and fellow bloggers, I will not post anything in this blog that I cannot firmly back up [I’ll really try my best :p]. I’m here to find out the facts, and that’s what I am going to do. From here on out, I’m The Archer, your source for the Truth.

But [yes, there has to be a but]… I will indulge myself in a little hearsay every so often. I’m human after all.

Take care & stay safe.

The Archer




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