Movie Review: 27 Dresses

17 04 2008

27 Dresses:
A Romantic Comedy that revolves around the life of Jane, Katherine Heigl, a codependent, perpetual bridesmaid whose sister steals the man of her dreams and then expects her to plan the wedding. The movie is light, and frothy, but still funny and cute. Although generic, and predictable most of the time, 27 Dresses doesn’t fail to deliver. Recommended for all Romantic Comedy fans.


Overall Score:

Story: 9/10

Acting: 7/10

Direction: 6/10

Visuals: 7/10



New MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s this June?

17 04 2008
Next-gen Apple MacBook & MacBook Pro renderings published by MacRumors.

According to
Apple Insider and Mac Rumors, the next revision of the MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook lines will include “major design changes”.

The 13-inch MacBook line will undergo a drastic change in design. A recent post on Apple Insider suggests that the line will abandon the current plastic enclosure and go for the more eco-friendly Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

The 15 & 17-inch MacBook Pro line is also expected to sport a new and trendy Aluminum/Glass look this June; borrowing some of the aspects that were included in the new iMac and MacBook Air.

Hopefully, this new revision will include a Multi-touch trackpad for the MacBook this time, and optional Solid State Drives for both lines.

Take Care & Stay Safe

Getting to know you : Dr. ?

17 04 2008

Most of us spend almost 5 to 6 hours a day in Campus. That’s 30 hours a week, 120 hours a month, and 1,440 hours a year.

We spend most of this time with professors and instructors who work countless hours teaching and educating us. They are our guides and mentors. They posses the light and truth that broadens our minds and expands our knowledge.

But who is that person that stands up in front of the classroom? Who is that person that sits you all in a circle and discusses pages in a book? Who is that person that dedicated their life to educating generations and generations?

After asking myself these question, I felt obligated to try and answer them.

I’ll be conducting a series of interviews, titled [Getting to know you : Professors Name], with some of our beloved instructors and professors at the English Department. Through these interviews, we will be able to get to know who these professors and instructors are really.

This, in turn, will help students get to know their professors better. And, hopefully, will help create a stronger bond between students and professors.

Who do you want to know? Please leave a professors name in the comment section.

Take Car & Stay Safe

Late Books = Unsatisfactory Learning

17 04 2008

Well, I’m sure most of you are facing this issue.

It’s been exactly two months since we’ve began the spring semester, and some of our books aren’t even here yet!

This delay is hindering our abilities to exceed academically. [Sounds posh, no? :p]

How inadequate can our University library be? Where are our books? How long do we have to resort to copying our professors books?

Take Care, Stay Safe, and Good Luck!

I’m Back!

17 04 2008

I’m back from my brief stint with the blog world. I’m here to get back on track with all things true. I have a few new “rules” I am supposed to abide by. Keep things “light,” “school-related,” and fun. Stay away from dark alleys and “tabloid” issues. (Sound a lot like: be blond, be bland, be boring?)

I assure you that this is not done to hush my hollering about “scandalous” events, gossip and such. And so I say this: I promise you, my friends and fellow bloggers, I will not post anything in this blog that I cannot firmly back up [I’ll really try my best :p]. I’m here to find out the facts, and that’s what I am going to do. From here on out, I’m The Archer, your source for the Truth.

But [yes, there has to be a but]… I will indulge myself in a little hearsay every so often. I’m human after all.

Take care & stay safe.

The Archer